Planners out, pens up!

Trying to schedule a date with your pals in December is rough. Or as the Wildcard put it, "I hate/love December." Exhibit A: Today is only the 3rd day of Christmas and our glittery group is struggling to find a day this month that works for all of us. 

Photo credit:  Glitter Guide

Photo credit: Glitter Guide

My advice to staying on the "love" side of December is to prioritize your parties. Who are the people that matter most to you? Heck yeah, make a list if that makes it easier for you! Those are the parties you want to write in your planner in pen- preferably a festive color.

Now what about the random holiday happy hours and last minute invites that inevitably pop up? You may know one or two people but no one from your priority list will be there. Check in with yourself before you agree to go. Is this event special to you? Or are you just filling up your time? Quality over quantity y'all. FOMO is a big holiday-spirit thief!

 In today's era of busy-ness, it's easy to lose sight of what's important. It's super easy to get swept up in the holiday fever, rushing from party to party- a sparkling blur of champagne and hostess gifts. But just like having an overbooked to-do list does not make you more impressive, having a packed party schedule does not make you more festive. Slow down, actually be there with the people you're celebrating with.

After all, this leaves more time for mistletoe, mulled wine and the sugar plums in your life.