Blank Slate

I started a new journal this weekend. When I opened it up I felt the same feeling(s) I always do when I'm faced with a blank page: hope, excitement, the almost-overwhelming urge to be profound followed immediately with the fear that I'll never write anything worthwhile, and then the joy and anticipation of doing what I love to do. I feel the same way when I open up a Word doc or an e-mail. Okay, there's (sometimes) less pressure with an e-mail. But that blinking cursor.. it gets me every time.

Mondays are kind of the same way. A blank slate for your week, with the same hope and anticipation, and yes- some of the pressure too.Here are some habits that help ease the pressure and highlight the hope that exists in a new week. Let me know if they worked for you!

  • Check out your calendar for the week ahead so you're not surprised by any deadlines or events. 
    • Bonus: try this on Friday before you wrap up for the week so you don't have the Sunday night blues thinking about the upcoming week.
  • Schedule something to look forward to- whether it's Monday night or a midweek pick-me-up. 
  • Drink plenty of water with lemon in it. It's hard to be excited about an upcoming week if you're feeling puffy or rundown (or both!) after the weekend.
  • Take stretch breaks a few times during the day. This is necessary every day!
  • And my favorite- do a genuine act of kindness. Making someone else smile has the ability to turn even the gloomiest of Mondays into a brighter day.

It takes some practice, but hopefully Mondays get a little easier. Maybe one week you'll find you actually enjoy them!