Reading, writing, and pizza

Last Friday the Mr. and I went to get pizza at Bufalina. If I didn't want to tell you about writing and books so much, well I could spend days talking about how delicious their pizzas are. And their wine selection. And the delectable goat's milk ice cream... Okay. Where was I? 

We met up with our friend Gideon, a renaissance man in a red beanie, for dinner and quality time. We talked about Greece and how John rediscovered his love of reading- a trait his groomsmen praised more than once during our wedding weekend, and discovered a potentially new pastime for him- writing stories. Then Gideon started one of my favorite conversations to have with the magic words, "Have you read..."

We talked about War of Art, Shantaram and of course you can't talk about writing without talking about Bird by Bird. A dear friend also sent me Daily Rituals which is lovely to read over coffee as you start your day. After our appetites were satiated and we all had exciting additions for our To Be Read lists, we parted ways. 

I'm sharing this with you for a few reasons. The first is to possibly introduce you to new books and invite you to share some of your favorites in the comments. They don't have to be about writing- just something that made an impact on you. The second is to encourage you to reconnect with a friend (or friends) face-to-face. You never know where the conversations will take you. And finally, what are some rituals, hobbies, or activities you used to do and want to pick up again?