A vision, a desk, and goals realized.

I am living in a comfortable home in east Austin with my hilarious and loving husband, John, and our 4 sweet chihuahuas. We live in our sweet blue house on Garden street, with a front yard with flower beds and a vegetable garden. There is a good-sized backyard for the pups to run around and leave our garden beds undisturbed. There is ton of natural light, and from my desk I get to look out onto the yard as I write. We utilize the second bedroom for yoga and as a shared space for our writing and creative projects. On our first anniversary he carves our initials into the climbing tree we have in our backyard. Helloclementine.com is thriving and my writing career is profitable. I am able to combine my love of music, art, and writing through collaborations with my loved ones on a monthly basis. John and I travel to our favorite cities, as well as new places annually. We see our family 4 times a year, and are active in our nieces and nephew’s lives and development. I’m happier than I ever thought possible, have a healthy and loving family, and we laugh together everyday.

That, folks, is my 10 year vision. I wrote it this past November and am giddy with where my life is going. I also realize I need to dream a little bigger because I'm taking bigger steps than I anticipated I would when I wrote this. For someone who is only 5'1, I sure have a large stride. Granted we are a few years away from our Garden Street home, but we do live on the east side (or we both will in February), and our pups do have a yard to play in, and I am happier than I ever thought possible. When I wrote this vision, I could feel myself at my desk, looking out onto the yard as I wrote. It was a thought I would constantly turn to when I felt discouraged or sad.

On New Years Day I met Tom, founder/owner/creator extraodinaire of Austin Table Studio. We had both thought to bring our business cards to a bike race... just in case. As the universe would have it, we struck up a conversation, exchanged cards, and here we are. His studio is one of those spaces where you can tell rad things happen- between the smell of saw dust and the sound of his Finches chirping, it's easy to see why he loves creating there. I learned today that Tom is a dreamer and a doer, and a prime example of how taking that scary leap can be the best thing you've ever done- even if it feels like the worst at the time.

In a few days I'll have a new stand-up desk to work from. It will look out onto the yard and I can watch the pups run around.

What's next?