I have blisters on my hands.

This weekend was round one of renovating our new place. It involved kicking up dust, moving the living room around (a lot), wallpapering and painting the bedroom. And now I have blisters. And an awesome bedroom. What I learned this weekend:

  • I need to do more work with my hands. For each article, press release, or project I write, I will work in the yard, build something (besides my empire), and get my hands dirty.
  • Youtube > printed wallpaper instructions. I should have asked this gal before I attempted anything home reno.
  • My fiancé is awesome. I already knew that, but was reminded over and over again this weekend.
  • Writers work really hard, but our blisters are in our brains and not always obvious. It does us (me) good to get our (my) hands calloused from time to time.

Now I can't wait to earn my cello callouses. Happy Monday! Let's get to work!