Hey Beyoncé! Let's be friends.

I'm going to open this post with an apology. Of the sorry I'm not sorry variety. Why am I apologizing? Because I've been bragging about my friends all week, and I'm starting to sound like a broken record. One friend is completing her east coast education; another is embarking on a promising life coaching career; one gal is doing all things law (and rocking them); and! I have another friend who just released her first (of many) e-book. [end brag].

Holy cow. That's some talent. Am I in awe? Duh. Intimidated? Yeah, a little.  But I'm lucky enough to embrace what Ann Friedman calls the Shine Theory. Instead of turning away from the sparkle their talent produces, I dive in. Yep, I dive into the sparkle. My mom told me when I was in college, and Friedman reminds me... several years out of college, you are the company you keep. Well I'm very happy to hear that. I'll keep writing and sharing. I'll produce big things- smiles included- and together we'll shine and sparkle and dazzle. No apologies necessary.

So, Beyoncé if you're looking for ladies who can run the world like you do, come to Austin- we'll talk.