FOMO and my inbox

As much as I love my alarm clock that chirps like the loudest woodland creature you've never heard, I can't seem to quit using my iPhone as my alarm. You too? 

Do you also panic slightly when you pry one eye open and see the red notification dot that says you have 15 emails at 6AM? FIFTEEN?! Like a moth to a smartphone I open my inbox. There is nothing that couldn't wait until after my coffee, but there I am- immersed in technology before even walking the dogs. Since I usually delete all the e-mails immediately I made the decision to unsubscribe from nearly everything this week.

And I had major FOMO. Like didn't-get-invited-to-the-6th-grade-dance FOMO. 

What sale was I missing? (I'm moving, so I DON'T need to acquire anything right now). What did The Knot say is a MUST for brides considering cupcakes at their wedding? Tell me, Daily Candy, what were the most clicked links last week? And for crying out loud- what new recipe will I (not) be adding to my repertoire? 

I'm slowly relaxing and realizing that I'm not missing out on anything. I'm actually gaining time to read and respond to the e-mails that matter. I enjoy the newsletters I'm still subscribing to (shout out to major girl crush/writer love Ann Friedman) and actually appreciate them when they pop up on my screen. And I can still visit Daily Candy on my lunch break. Phew!

Since I started my freelance career, I've learned to be even more selective about where I spend my energy. Less e-mails = more writing and I'm okay with that.