A Review of the Fairmount Hotel in San Antonio

This could also be titled, "Why a little spontaneity is important."

Saturday afternoon found John and I driving to San Antonio for some birthday celebrations. Wait, let's back up... to 10 minutes before we left. We didn't have a place to stay, so I had planned on coming back to Austin that night. I had writing to do (always), we can watch movies (fall-back activity), and hike with the dogs (read: watch more movies). John insisted we stay in San Antonio so we could enjoy our friends and family, and allow ourselves libations at said parties. Truthfully, that sounded better than driving back to Austin at midnight or one   . Not to mention, this would allow me more than a  glass of wine at dinner. Thanks, Yellow Cab! But I really did have a lot of writing to do... 


So 10 minutes before we leave, I'm googling the address of our second party and trying to find something close. The Fairmount Hotel, located in South Town was our answer. John booked our room and we were on our way! We met up with my family to celebrate my sweet Uncle Steve's birthday. This was also the first time we saw my family since the engagement, so it was truly a special dinner- full of love. Grandma and I each ordered a Bellini, our favorite cocktail to share on special occasions. She keeps me young!

I want a chandelier in every room. Please, and thank you. 

We made a quick stop at my cousin's beautiful new home (they grow up so quickly!)  and then on to The Fairmount Hotel! It's located on S. Alamo, so it's a breeze to find. We actually passed it the first time because I was looking for a more generic hotel. Could that sweet victorian building be it?  Answer: Yes. The staff was so welcoming, especially considering it was 9:30PM. I already had stars in my eyes from the chandelier in the main room and was even more delighted as we walked around the hotel. The decor was charming and the contemporary art on the walls enhanced rather than clashed with the Victorian setting. Our room had a view of the park across the street, not to mention our own balcony. I could get used to this!

We chatted with the valet while he flagged down a taxi for us, and again I was impressed with how friendly and down to earth everyone was. When we got home from the party I got a solid 8 hours in one of the most comfortable beds. No lumps, no too-hard mattress. Everything was just right. I was sad to say good-bye in the morning, especially after hearing the great things about their restaurant, Tre Trattoria. But it just gives us another place to check out next time we're in town.

When we got back to Austin, I did do some writing. But I spent more time enjoying the rest of the weekend with my little family. And yes, we watched some movies. 

Fresh flowers and a chandelier... be still my heart.

Editors Note: The birthday dinner for my Uncle Steve was put together by my Aunt Janet, Steve's sister. She does this each month so we can all celebrate birthdays together. On top of that, she's also the ringleader of our family reunions. Above all she makes it look easy!