Fearless Friday: Be Successful

I've been thinking a lot about success: how to measure it, how much I've had (and will have), and the cost of it. I've also thought about the degree of fear that sometimes (okay a lot of times) surrounds the idea of success. Think about it- succeeding at something launches you into a whole new realm of discomfort and unknowing. Raise you're hand if the unknown freaks you out. I can wait.

This is me waiting for you to raise your hand. In the rain.

Yeah, me too. And after reading this article about Zack Arias from 99u, I started thinking that being successful isn't selfish. When I felt a little guilty each time I crossed off a goal from my list, or had a success at work, I wasn't elevating anyone around me... I was actually reinforcing the notion that success is selfish. Listen friends- it's not! We should high-five each other when we rock a goal, not downplay it or worse- hide it! When asked about feeling responsible to elevate and contribute to his community, this is what Arias said

Yes, I do. First and foremost, I want to make sure that my family is taken care of and that the bills are paid, but I also want to put my mark on the world. It’s not going to be a massive mark that a president or rock star might leave, but I’ve discovered that I can use photography to help people. About a year or so into starting my photography business, I had a realization. I was barely staying alive and I also had some friends around me whose lives were falling apart—their marriages were crumbling or they’d been laid off. Here were some really close friends of mine who were struggling, and I couldn’t help them—I didn’t have any money to give them and I didn’t have a car to loan them. I realized that I needed to expand my business so that not only could I take care of myself, but I could help the people around me, too. I felt as though I was given a small lot of land to till and cultivate and I needed to make it larger so that I could feed more people. Since then, my personal business has grown to the point where it has kept about 12 people employed.
— pulled from Thegreatdiscontent.com

One of my biggest, scariest, most audacious goals is to be featured on NPR's Fresh Air for my book series. Okay there, I said it. However, if I am able to make my mark through my writing- helping people share their messages and live their passions- well you can bet I'll be leg-kicking all the way to the bank.  

So tell me, what are you going to do to be successful?