Time logs, Facebook, and brain-breaks.

When I committed to my time log, I didn't realize what a busy week it would be. Aside from writing here, I accomplished everything on my list, and even had time for both Book Club and the ballet... these are a few of my favorite things. I was pleased, and not too surprised, when I found myself being more productive and efficient at the end of the week. In part it was because I was more aware of my actions, but also because I didn't want to put down on paper that I checked Facebook (again) for 2 (more) minutes. So I would keep working through the urge and eventually it disappeared.

Aside from learning I check the ole FB more than I'd like to admit, I figured out I do it to give my mind a chance to work out what I want to say next. There's no shame in my game when I say that sometimes my mind needs a little longer to work things out. Re: simplifying some research so others can understand it, or making sense of an interview. But it would be so much better if I took those moments to look out the window, watch the dogs play, or even flipped through a magazine. Not only would it use a different part of my brain, but it would give my eyes a break- a big deal when you consider how much time I spend in front of this screen. So that's the plan!

That being said, if you're looking for a few sites to mix things up, this is what I spent my time checking out when I took brain-breaks...FB not included: 

Life Shiny Side Up99U , Wired , and Sous Style