Fearless Friday: The Gummy bears are gone

Tonight I have the pleasure of hosting a goal setting party for my co-workers. There will be popcorn, gummy bears, and so-amazing-they-are-scary goals. And that’s perfect, because I know these folks are up to the task. I’ll share some advice with them (and you) that I was given: Be fearless.

For those of you who attended Austin Business Journal’s Profiles in Power yesterday, you heard the compelling Ingrid Vanderveldt speak. I had a hard time sitting down after her keynote speech- I wanted to run out and start tackling every little thing that made me nervous. I somehow managed to wait until I got home, but big things are in the works, friends. I took the first step to set things in motion, and you know what? Life went on. There weren’t any trumpets of celebration, nor pieces of sky falling on my head.

That’s how it goes: little steps lead to the sound of trumpets, or at least champagne popping. Sometimes the sky will fall and we may fail, but we must continue to be fearless! Nicole over at Writes Like a Girl is a rad example of that. I’ve known her less than a week, but already am a big fan. Her candid writing, willingness to try new things, and ability to hand jive inspire me to push myself just a little bit further past my comfort level.

So this weekend, be fearless. Make a connection with someone you admire, tell the truth, run one more mile. Whatever it is, know that I’m behind you.

Editor’s note: Someone ate the gummy bears.