I'm ditching balance like a bad boyfriend

Fresh off a weekend at the Texas Style Council's 4th annual conference,  I'm re-energized, motivated, and exceptionally stoked about this blog, and my life in general. I'll post some highlights later this week, but today I'll share a quote that shook me up in the best way possible:

Get rid of the idea of balance. This isn’t gymnastics.
— Julie

Julie is the brains and beauty behind Orchid Grey, and spoke about making work, life, and blogging co-exist seamlessly. I feel like we all struggle to find the perfect balace between everything going on in our oh-so-crazy-wonderful lives. And I know that when I really want something (a rockin' writing career) my balance looks something like this: 70% writing + 25% everything else + 5% me = a 100% strung out, but pretty excited, Clementine. 

Julie suggested using the word "fit" instead of balance. How do these things fit into our lives?  If we want more room, we make them fit. Deadlines are my personal example of fit. When I have deadlines I reexamine what fits on my calendar and what doesn't. Right now, I realize that I need more time away from my computer in order to make company of my man and dogs fit into my life. To do that, I'll post three times a week, which makes more room for my thesis to fit my life, and most importantly:

The perfect fit!

So tell me, what do you fit into your life? How do you do it?