Football Friday: Finally!

I'm postponing my Fearless Friday segment because I want to make sure you know that the Longhorn Football Season 2013 starts tomorrow.  Tomorrow. It's here! After months and months of waking up at 5 or 6 AM on a Sunday to watch cycling, (so many races!) football is here! I'm talking tailgating, marching bands, the Eyes of Texas, pitchers of Shiner and a whole lotta Texas! Fight! Nothing against Roubaix or Peter Sagan, but I need some Mack, I need some Bevo, and I need some of this.


Texas! Texas! 

 When I lived in DC, Saturdays would bring me to a bar in Clarendon called Rhodeside Bar & Grill.- one of the only bars that served Shiner Bock. Not only that, but the basement had TVs on every wall, played the game over the loudspeaker, and played Texas Fight after every touchdown, field goal, and extra point. It was sometimes more Austin than Austin.

Now that I'm back in Texas, I miss Rhodeside each time we kick-off a new season, but I raise my glass (okay pitcher) of Shiner to y'all and say hook 'em!