Instincts as bold as Texas.

What does this have to do with instincts? To be honest, I'm not 100% sure. But this weekend- when I was thinking about sticking to my guns and trusting my instincts, Davy Crockett's saying kept popping up in my mind. It's a little crass, definitely bold, and perfect for kicking the week into gear.

How many of you have experienced something, good or bad, that you had an immediate feeling about, yet acted opposite to what your "gut" told you? How did that turn out? Years ago, I came across a teensy brown chihuahua and my heart (and gut, my being, and my empty arms) told me I needed to take her home. Thankfully I listened to my instincts, and Sprouts is curled up on my pile of clothes as I type. 

And then there have been times where I haven't spoken up, or I've gone along with something that just felt wrong , but I wasn't sure why. I'm still not able to explain why, on a scientific level (any takers??), but those were my instinct screaming out: HELLO, CLEMENTINE! Pay attention! Whether it was recognizing cheating or finding my lobster, my instincts have been pretty spot on.

So I'm goin' all Davy Crockett this week: I'm going to be bold and I'm going to listen to (and act on) my instincts. It's a little scary, but I'll keep you posted on what happens. Anyone want to join me in my Texas-size challenge?