Will write for food.

Never, ever, get yourself into a situation where you have nothing to do but write and read. You’ll go into a depression. You have to be doing something good for the world, something undeniably useful; you need exercise, too, and people.
— Annie Dillard

Well dang, Annie. Way to call me out. Although she couldn’t possibly be talking to me, right? After all, I did read this on my thesis director’s wall so perhaps that’s to whom it was directed? Or was Dr. Jackson speaking to me too? Wait, what if I went to yoga already- can I read and write the rest of the day?

Deep Breath.

The core of my work is writing, followed by reading. It’s the degree I pursued, it’s my favorite pastime (besides squeezing Chihuahuas), and it’s a way to connect with you- so that you feel empowered to pursue your own passions. I’ve managed to make it my part of my job too: editing my company’s newsletter and writing for my store. And I’m hungry for more!

Dream life. 

When I’m asked what my ideal day looks like, my answer usually includes a variation of reading for a while: “reading at a coffee shop for a few hours” or “curled up with a book” or “a glass of wine and a book.” If you’re curious, the ideal day would also include time on a warm beach with my favorite people. Then sharing a large meal with said folks, and hopefully a massage somewhere during the day. 90 minutes. Deep tissue. Yes. But I digress…

I’m grateful that I was able to focus my awareness on my writing and reading habits. It’s easy to be thrown out of balance, and reminders to exercise and spend time with people are so valuable. So thank you, Annie Dillard and Dr. Jackson, for pulling my head out of my books long enough to recognize what’s going on around me.

That being said, I’m so, so, so happy that I’m able to devote so much energy to doing what I love. It makes losing a few Zzz’s worth it when I see what I’ve created.

So now it’s your turn: What do you dedicate your time to? What’s at your core? What project do you want to see from start to finish, and work tirelessly to see it through?