Little steps + audacious goals = BIG life

If I judged my goal-setting party on Friday by the number of confirmed people who didn’t show, it would be a bust. But if I based it on the 5 that did- then it was a hit! And that’s what I’m going with.

Still floating on the momentum of last week’s conference, a power luncheon, and making big headway on my thesis- it was really humbling to have a much smaller turnout than expected Friday night. But we still laughed, we learned about each other, and by Saturday morning, I enjoyed the taste of humble pie.

I worked on my thesis chapter all morning before work on Saturday, and this time I celebrated each sentence completed as little victories to keep the momentum going. This week I’ll continue to do the same- celebrate the little steps forward towards my big goals.

What if everything we wanted came as easy as we hoped it would? Would we still work hard for the big goals? Would we even know an audacious goal lived in our hearts?

Take time to enjoy the little victories. They add up over time. I can’t wait to hear what you’re working towards this week!