Lisa Frank, goals, and some unicorns

 August makes me think of back to school. And Lisa Frank. I loved shopping for new school supplies more than new clothes- even before school uniforms. It was my second “new year” celebration and I couldn’t wait for that first period bell to ring. Yeah, I was that painfully shy girl who so wanted to make friends, but was a little too excited about learning. 

This never goes out of style. 

Fast forward to right now. I’ve packed my bag days in advance, making sure my supplies are laid out and ready to go: business cards, schedule, pens and paper. But instead of class, tomorrow the Texas Style Council starts and I’m giddy to learn and connect- no longer painfully shy. As a friend aptly puts it, I’m a development junkie and a connector. I love meeting people and then connecting them to others, all the while developing myself (and you!) professionally and personally.

My August is full of goals already: both coaching others and setting them myself. In the next two weeks, I’ll post my champagne toast-worthy goals. Maybe you’ll post some of yours and we can hold each other accountable, be cheerleaders and give that friendly push when we’re stuck.

Get a good night's sleep! Tomorrow is a big day.