Are you missing it?

“I’m sorry.”

How many times do you say it?

While I’ve never counted, I can tell you that the number would be quite high. Looking back, amazes me is that I’m usually not sorry. Hang on; I’m about to get a little vulnerable over here.

There’s the I’m sorry I say when I’m about to say something catty. Thankfully I have a friend who will ask, “Are you?” If the answer is no, then it’s obviously not something I would want that person to hear. And you know what they say about not having anything nice to say… If the answer is yes, then I care about the person and should really consider talking to them instead of about them.

Then there’s the sorry I mutter when I feel like I’m in the way. I say it a lot when I’m putting up the groceries, doing something for myself (i.e. finishing the page I’m reading so I can give my full attention), or you know, any other time when “excuse me” would fit perfectly.

And then, there’s the I’m sorry for insert anything related to success. Generally I say it when I’m declining an invitation because I need to work on my thesis or when I can’t stop talking about that huge goal I rocked last week. That’s not a red flag. That’s a fuzzy, brightly colored mythical creature so-big-it-doesn’t-have-a-name-yet jumping around with a banner reading: “LAURA! OPEN YOUR EYES!” And then maybe a smaller creature jumping right next to it with a flag yelling, “YOU’RE MISSING IT!”

These sweet creatures are right! Aside from the moments that truly call for an apology from the heart, do not apologize. It takes so much power away from you and the moment you're in. Do not miss it.

Do not apologize for your ideas. They are important.

Do not apologize for your drive. The world needs action.

Do not apologize for your goals. They are inspiring.

Kind of like this... but with a banner! Credit to this site.