much ado about the moon

Before my trip to California last weekend I was pretty stoked about my life. I have an incredible family that gave me a strong foundation of values, I have a partner who challenges me and helps me grow, I have pals who don't let me settle for "that'll do," and I'm creating the writing career I've always dreamed of. Oh, and have I mentioned the chihuahuas?   

But even then, I was really excited to get home after the trip and re-write my goals. And with tonight being a new moon, well that was just perfect. Not to mention, I'm goal coaching two really inspiring people this week and I wanted to have the same excited (and *ahem* slightly terrified) feeling in my gut.

Well imagine my surprise (and delight) when my boyfriend dropped to one knee while we were watching the waves crash against the cliffs, and became my fiancé. The man who hung the moon actually put me over the moon last Thursday. 

In that instant, my goals came to life and 29 just got a lot more exciting. Tomorrow I'm sitting down and writing a new vision with renewed zeal. Tomorrow, not tonight. There are dishes to do and a man to squeeze. Oh, and I have I mentioned the chihuahuas?