Unplug in 3...2...1...

This afternoon I went to get my car inspected. I waited until the last day of my current inspection to do so, as did so many Austin drivers apparently. Because of that, the waiting room was full. I wasn’t able to strike up a conversation with anyone like I did the last time I was having work done on my car. This time it wasn’t due to early hours; it was because everyone was on their phone texting, instagraming (guilty as charged), or updating their Facebook status. It made me feel a little weird to be in a room full of people and have zero personal interaction, so I put my phone down and picked up Pride and Prejudice.

I read and read and read. While I was in the waiting room much longer than I anticipated, it was glorious to have my nose in a book longer than 30 minutes, which is typically how long I read during my break or before bed. When my car was ready I found it easier to keep my phone in my bag and my head in the (Jane Austen) clouds.

I realize you’re plugged in while you read this, and I’m more grateful than you know. So I’ll keep it short: unplug and turn off. Take a walk, taste what you’re eating, read a book, talk to a human (or chihuahua- who am I to judge?) Your ipad/iphone/ computer/Facebook will still be there tomorrow.

Ya dig?