You have to do the prep work

Last night I did the prep work for two dinners this week. Within the course of 5 minutes my eyes were stinging from cutting onions, and my lip was burning from accidental contact with a green chile from Hatch, NM. I muttered some choice words, awkwardly wiped my eyes without using my Hatch hands, and put everything in the fridge. I’ve figured out the harder I work the more I enjoy the finished product; whether it’s a promotion, a thesis chapter, or in this case- a really incredible dinner.

Yoga that evening felt like I was doing prep work for a massive event. I felt heavy, and my muscles were definitely stinging. And then, I felt it. That blissful moment where every worry or question is met with an “ah-ha!”

Oh hey. And that’s where I call myself out. I wrote that before I even went to yoga. I felt heavy when I was sitting down to write this post, and so I assumed that yoga would be strenuous. It was, but for different reasons.

I see now that yes, I was doing prep work for a massive event, but the shifts didn’t happen in one grand, blissful moment. Instead, it took thousands of nearly imperceptible shifts in my body and my mind, like sand filling in the crevices on a mountain, to prep me:

-To be authentic,

-To allow shifts to happen in my life,

-To recognize that prep work can sting, but it’s always worth it.

My massive event? To let go, to allow myself to have a fiery practice. To share my breath, my sweat, and my tears with this sweet (and sweaty) community. It was empowering, it was humbling, and it was awesome. Okay, maybe it’s two massive events; The second one being to be okay with being real with you. And me, and these awesome changes in my life.

While I’m being real- dinner was so worth the prep work.

What massive events are you doing the prep work for?