Today it's tetris. Tomorrow it's tall, tall trees

My life has been a game of Tetris this week, and sadly I've allowed those awkward Z shapes to block the space where my writing should go. Today I felt it in my throat: a tightness. Not in the way when I discover surprise walnuts in my chocolate chip cookie, but in the way that my heart tells me something is missing. 

Tomorrow I leave for California to celebrate love: a friend's wedding in the Redwoods. 4 days to reset and reconnect. I'm going to stick my toes in the ocean and hug a tree. I'm going to laugh and dance around a camp fire. I'm going to celebrate the first year of many with the love of my life, and I'm going to cheer when my friends say "I do." 

I hope that I'll come back with a renewed perspective on what's important. I'll focus more on my writing than the small things- the dry cleaner really could have waited a day. I see that now and it makes me laugh how urgent it seemed at the time.

Let's keep in touch this weekend- post what you're celebrating.