Enjoy the stuck

Where do you draw your inspiration? What motivates you to learn or to create? What pushes you to keep going when you’re stuck?

I ask because you’re all doing something so great and I want to know what gets you revved up- so that when you pause, like we all do, I can help nudge you forward.

It’s overcast and quiet this morning, which made it really rough to climb out of bed. But I could feel my laptop calling me. It’s a little bizarre the pull I feel in my heart to write. While I allowed time for my fuzzy mind to wake up, I read my day’s allotment of this project, and wondered about my own inspiration to constantly create. How do I keep it new? How do you keep it new?

Being open to the newness is part of it. Sometimes it takes two plates of fries and champagne with friends to recognize what a rad opportunity is ahead of you. Other times, it’s basking in the everyday activities that let your brain see a different angle. Imagine helped me see that my mind wants to solve the problem, I just need to let my thoughts ramble and run- and not be afraid of long showers.

Be present to what is in front of you, and who is with you. There’s no greater inspiration than right now. Keep learning, keep growing, and keep creating. If you get stuck, that’s totally fine. Be present and enjoy the stuck, it’s not forever.

Every day I'm hustlin'