Happy Stress

My days lately are so full: Full of work, writing, love, chuys, and laughter. Yeah- they’re full of stress, too.  And while work can sometimes bring more stress than laughter (rare), it’s the same with all things I love. I’m happy to report, though, that the ratio of laughter to stress is 5:1.

You could say I have happy stress, not to be confused with being stress-happy. I don’t pride myself on my stress level, in fact I’d rather boast about how relaxed I am… when that day happens, I’ll let you know.

This happy stress is what keeps me going… and going… and going. Because I love what I do! Yesterday started with yoga followed by a great meeting with my thesis director. I planned on goal coaching a woman up to big things, but that was rescheduled for next week. Instead I did some writing, went into work for a few hours, and then interviewed an incredible yogini, artist, and all-around amazing woman. I wrapped my day up in the park for a staff meeting/pic-nic and then went home… where I promptly fell asleep.

You don’t read this blog for a play-by-play of my day, and for that I apologize. But that is what I mean by happy stress- I am constantly moving and flowing, doing what I love. I’m blessed to have a job that adds variety to my schedule, and I’ve learned the key is to add my own structure and be consistent.

If your job offers less scheduling variety, utilize that block in your day as a break from your entrepreneur lifestyle… but only a small break. See if you can find any places to practice your new skill, or network with people you may not have spoken with before. Maximize your time by seeing work as an opportunity to learn versus a roadblock on your way to greatness.

That being said, with all these opportunities, have you checked your stress level scale? Does it come up closer to happy stress or stress-happy? It’s so easy to feel stress-happy when you’re constantly on the move. But if you’re going after a big goal, making exciting moves in your career, or learning a new skill, check to make sure you’re enjoying it. If you’re not, ask yourself: “how is name your activity serving me?” It’s never too late to reevaluate or change your mind.

And at the end of the day, don’t forget to take some time out to appreciate yourself. You’re doing amazing things and you need to acknowledge yourself.

How do you thank yourself for your hard work?

A full moon and the Austin skyline. Enjoying a moment with this view is such a treat!