Flat tires and Wine glasses

When life gives you flat tires, you meet really amazing people at the tire shop. Well at least that was my experience today.

I was heading to meet with my thesis director yesterday and right before I made it to the freeway, a nail tried to hitch a ride and my tire gave up. In that moment I was grateful I wasn’t on the freeway, for the immediate parking spot, and for AAA. While my afternoon’s plans were drastically altered, I made the best of it and deep cleaned my apartment- just in time for my mom’s visit!

Which brings me to my early morning at Discount Tire. Thinking I had to get here As. Soon. As. Doors. Open. (much like the DMV or Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale), I was there as they turned their key in the door. Thankfully, there was another overly-caffeinated woman who needed tires. As we settled in for the wait, we started the usual small talk reserved for grocery lines, waiting rooms, and parties where you only know the hostess.

Yet after we talked about the rain, and the lack of rain, and gas prices. No one reached for their book. When we ran out of generic topics, we went a little deeper: what we were working on and what we were most excited about this week. She is working on setting up her compost bin and excited about how well her  vegetable and rose gardens are doing. I shared my experiences with that and wished her better luck with her roses than I’ve had. (They will bloom one day!!)

I told her about writing my blog and all that I’ve learned, and then told her that my man and I were taking our moms to dinner tonight- that they were meeting for the first time. She told me a funny story about when she and her husband introduced their families… and then her car was ready. We said good-bye and I settled in with Pride and Prejudice.

She came back, though, and handed me a box. She told me it was an engagement gift and every time we used it, to toast to new friends. Inside were four wine glasses.

Life pushed a nail into my tire so I could meet this woman and learn from her the importance of being a little vulnerable with strangers, getting to the tire shop early, and the power of new friends.

I hope our paths cross again. In the meantime, I will toast to new friendships, no matter how unlikely they may be. Cheers!