The Universe does the bend and snap

I'm always grateful for my dogs, and yesterday was no exception. I'm sure that's of no surprise to y'all, but here's my story. I was driving to dinner, completely wrapped up in the meditation that is Austin rush-hour traffic. With my body occupied in traffic, and my subconscious hovering between brake lights and "now-whats" (that always seem to answer themselves), I forgot about the sweet little creature in my lap. Then he sighed and nuzzled his head into the crook of my arm. 

The pope has the Popemobile, and Batty has a Jetta.

Batman has special radar for someone who is troubled- much like his namesake. But instead of fighting crime, this guy will sit next to your head if it's hurting, or on your stomach if you don't feel well. He's so tuned in that it's impossible not to tune in yourself.  

That's when I realized if I'm thinking these negative thoughts, making my own blood pressure rise, what am I doing to this sweet little pup?  One look at that salt & pepper face and I vowed to rein it in. If my  concerns are making his teensy heart race (via sitting in my lap, not listening to me vent), then what is that energy doing to the people in my life?

While the world sadly may not be full of sweet faced chuys, we are all little radars: picking up on each other's energy. That's why it's obvious to us when our best friends are having the best days of their lives, or the worst. Why you are drawn to people you don't even know. Why you attract (or are attracted to) the same people, situations, jobs.

The law of attraction is super powerful. The universe... it's pickin' up what you're puttin' down. Don't like what you're getting? Switch up what you're sending out and see what happens.