Daring Greatly, Darnit!

Tuesday’s are my favorite. I start the day off with a work out and two cups of coffee, and then get to spend the rest of the day at my desk. I write, stare at the cute chuys surrounding my feet… and sitting in my lap… and write and write.

Today there’s more frustration though, and some doubting. I indulged myself in 5 minutes of head-in-my-hands lamenting and then looked up. The first thing I saw was the amazing Brené Brown’s book, Daring Greatly. It was staring at me. Daring me.


(Because my mom reads this blog).

Snap out of it! 

Why, at that very moment was I so afraid to be great? Or to dare myself to try for great things? Oh, yeah… the fear of falling on my face or staying exactly where I am. Well first of all, as I told my friend Lindsay last night: I’m not afraid to fall on my face during crow pose, so why would this be any different? And second, I have a solid gold life right now. Staying here for a little while wouldn’t be terrible. After all, it’s going to take a little more action to get to platinum.

This is where I get to make my choice. I say “yes” to daring, and “no” to fearing growth. “Yes” to being a little uncomfortable, and “no” to the easy route.

Who’s with me, darnit?