Power in Process

I have a date this week with a friend who had an incredible idea and made it come to life. The Yoga Recipe was the goal, and the process? Well that’s what I can’t wait to hear about.

I’ve been so focused on creating, then growing, my blog that I’ve missed out on appreciating the process. Little Ms. Writer is learning about search engine optimization, blogging trends, and promotion. It’s pretty amazing! For each goal I check off, there is a trail of incredible lessons I’ve learned.

My post on Friday talked about being powerful, but it didn’t talk much about the process- only the goal: power. I also noticed that I left most of “me” out of it… but it’s all there in my journal. Sometimes the process isn’t ready to leave the safety of the lined pages for the immediacy of the internet. But that's part of my process. 

What steps are you taking this week? What process will you experience? For some it may be picking up a needle and thread for the first time, for others it may be showing up to class. Even if it’s living in wonderment about what could be, it’s all part of the goal. Make note of it, delight in it, and learn from it- the champagne will taste that much sweeter.

Be passionate about your process. Source here