As is

I need to go to the grocery store. My fridge is one step above a frat boy’s and my meals are getting a little weird. I managed to make some juice this morning from carrots and a sweet potato. I added mango, but for anyone who hasn’t tried to juice a mango… well mine came out in clumps. Normal? I don’t know. Sweet? Nope. If only I had an apple to juice with the carrots, it would be perfect.

If. Only.

I’ve said or thought those words as much as I’ve used my inhaler. As an asthmatic in Austin, you can imagine what that looks like. The idea that perfection is one “if only” away can make me crazy! I’d look like Giselle if only I didn’t eat half that chocolate pie with John. My thesis would be finished if only I didn’t have life happening. Work would go smoother if only people listened to me. Does any of that sound familiar?

Well the pie was delicious and so was the evening spent eating it. My thesis is influenced by my life, so can’t have one without the other. And if I’m not being listened to, then I need to do more listening.

Try it on. I challenge you to have an “if only” free weekend. See when it comes up, judgment free. Would things really be better if only… or are they perfect right now?

The juice just gets sweeter, my friends.

Austin street art will always remind you.