A bigger impact than Ryan Gosling's abs

With another girls weekend on the horizon (today after 3PM), I’m getting my playlists in order, filling my Netflix queue with movies I couldn’t stand to ask him to watch with me, and planning what night I’m going to paint my nails… not to mention which color! Oy! It’s been a busy few days.

My man is headed to Tulsa this weekend for three days of intense racing with a wonderful community. It’s inspiring to hear him talk about the people he’ll get to see and race with. I sometimes get lost in the jargon, but I know the impact that these cyclists have made on John’s life so I can understand his excitement.

Hearing him talk about the people who inspired him to race got me thinking about some ladies who planted the seed in my brain that I could actually do this. See, I’ve been calling myself a writer since I gave my mom those first scribbled pages, but it took two blogs and two well-written women to get me to share what I write.

To Jacki Carr (first name, last name- so strong!) I say that our hangouts have been far too brief and in between, but your blog keeps me movin’ upward! Thank you for your advice and your serious nudges to push myself just a little bit further. I believe in you so hard.

Julia’s style was apparent when we spent a semester in D.C. She’s kept me feeling great with her nutritious posts and recipes. Now she helps me keep my wardrobe as fresh as the green juice we drink. Cheers lady!

Who are those people for you, that made such an impact? What goal did you crush that you didn’t think was possible, and who got you there?