Just a little bit of grace

How many tasks are on your to-do list today? Go ahead and count them. Great, now take a moment to slow your heart rate. I’m right (t)here with you, friend.

I’ve figured out that it’s important to focus on what I’m working on in the moment. Otherwise I find my cereal box in the fridge. Again. Multitasking works if you can be as present to each task as it deserves. Save checking your e-mail for every 30 minutes instead of as they pop up and it may save your brain from overheating a little bit. It's helped me prioritize my admin. time at least.

When I was in the midst of crying every day... I mean the busiest semester of grad school, I had color-coded planners, highlighter colors according to subject, and the personality of... well to be honest I had none. I jumped from task to task, work to school, and collapsed in to bed each night a puddle of blonde ambition. Convincing myself it would be better tomorrow.

One day I found myself at a sweaty yoga class lead by a teacher who always knows just what to say to my heart. Somewhere between sun salutations and savasana he said, “even the speed of light travels with grace.” I wonder what color grace would be in my highlighter and planner combination.

But Dean knows what he’s talking about. Chances are our schedules are not going to open up. And despite the shrinking number of highlighters in my planner, but not on my desk, I have introduced grace into my life.

It’s not always pretty- in fact most of the time I’m dropping all of my books as I’m trying to get the dogs out for a walk. Or I’m trying to write a chapter, get this post up before I go to sleep, and eat something other than chocolate pie for dinner and the clock keeps telling me that I better hurry, hurry, hurry! But the grace lies in the way I can smile through it, recognize that each moment passes, and with the next grant myself a little bit of leeway.

So even if I’m a few light years away from my optimum speed, there is still plenty of reason for me to move with a little bit more grace.

Style and grace! 

Style and grace!