Whisk-y Days

“This whisk is drunk.”

It wasn’t and neither was I. I was standing over a stove trying to get the floppy whisk to do it's job on a pot full of egg whites, sugar, and lemon juice. My baking partner, Steph, came over to see what was happening with her sweet lemon curd. “Maybe whisk a little faster,” said the chef with the patience of a saint and the attitude of a diva.

I like to eat sweets, but baking them is the road less traveled for me. Yet there we were, baking for two days for a bake sale benefiting our friend Luke. I had a blister from scooping cookie dough onto the baking sheet and we somehow forgot to eat each day we baked, except for dinner, which was always a hearty meal. But that just made last night even better.

Last night Beat the Clock Cycling Club rallied Austin's courier and cycling community  to support our friend. The intention was to help him with medical bills after he broke his wrist doing what he loves, and throw a rad alley cat/bake sale/party in the process. See, we believe in this guy the way he believes in steel bikes. And it was the biggest rush to see so many people come out because they wanted to help. They came out of love, not out of obligation.

Amanda Palmer has a beautiful TED Talk about the beauty of helping each other out, and doing so from a place of love. A community begins with one person sharing and being open with another person, and another, and then yet another. Then before you know it we all have the power to help each other- be it in the form of a hug, a moving day partner, or a bake sale. It’s so great, right? To have the power to bring the sense of community wherever you go. For one person you can be that community they are looking for.

Last night we shared our amazing caramel salted brownies and awful(ly awesome) New York accents with a community that wanted to help one sweet mustached man. There was some serious joy in that. 

Oh, and the whisk was floppy so it wouldn’t scrape the non-stick pots. You can take that nugget all the way to the bank. Who knows, maybe I have a future in baking.

Tell me about the community you belong to. What do you love about it, and the people in it? 

Thanks to John Trujillo for letting me use these pictures, and for understanding that he couldn't eat the treats 'till after the bake sale. 

The alley cat race sold out!

Our baked goods bring all the boys to the bar