Gettin' it together

I made the transition from a physical planner to my phone’s calendar a few months ago. At the time I already carried my journal and a book to read during my downtime, so I figured moving from paper to electronic (read: my glitter phone) was a way to save space in my bag- and make bike riding a little easier.

But I’m a writer. Despite my attempts to consolidate, I just found more and more scraps of paper in my pockets… and in the dryer. My to-do lists were scattered between my personal journal, my work journal, notes to myself, and yes- the backs of my hands. Making notes in my phone wasn’t working for me anymore.


I stopped fighting it and instead capitalized on my strength. Why try to go against my pen-to-paper loving tendencies when that works for me? So yesterday I marched as quickly as the 105°F heat would allow and purchased my favorite Moleskin planner. The first thing I wrote: A heart over July 4th to celebrate the first year with my beau.

My planner and glitter phone make quite the pair, and do a great job of keeping me on track and on time. I think we’ll be very happy together.

What are your best practices for keeping up with your life?