Clear eyes, big goals, can't lose!

Good morning friends.

When was the last time you thought about goals? This week, my goals have been at the forefront of my mind. Unexpected ones too. After writing my post on Tuesday, I started making a list of things a successful writer should know. Then my list expanded to blogging and touched upon graphic design. Whoa! There may have been a tiny part of me that was curious about that... but she was too busy re-watching Friday Night Lights to speak up.

My sweet friend sat down with me yesterday to talk development at work...and hydrate before a sweaty  workout   (i.e. running and core work outside at 4:30 PM in Austin thankyouverymuch). We sat down with our juice and she says "Do you want to watch that TED Talk as your development today?" The talk that's been flipping the "20 is the new 30" theory on it's head? Sure, my mind hasn't been blown yet today.  

Well Meg Jay sure took care of that. If you haven't watched it, especially if you're in your 20's, take 15 minutes to rock your world. If you have watched it, I say watch it again. We can always use a pep-talk. I also suggest having some paper and a pen/pencil/blue marker handy. Did that video terrify me because I essentially only have 8 months left to create the life I want? Sure. Am I excited for the challenge? Heck yeah! (Note: Do I think it's ever too late to achieve big goals? No.)

Today I'm taking the first steps towards the life I see myself living. I signed up for a class to improve my SEO, re-writing my goals this weekend, and setting up meetings with creatives I admire. I'm also going to stop apologizing for being great.

What are you doing?