Seize the day! With cocktail napkins.

My mom has instilled a love of cocktail napkins in me. I had a pretty good collection going, too. Birthday napkins, Christmas, Texas-themed: you name it I probably have it. A collection you say? Yes. Because I was always saving them for a special occasion. And saving, and saving...

I’m happy to tell you that my collection is slowly dwindling because I finally realized that every day is a special occasion. Whether it’s under a glass of wine or an ice water with lemon, I’m using those napkins. Life is too short to wait to celebrate.

This weekend: wear that dress you love; call the person you miss; set the table with your “good” china, or just set the table; say I love you; say it again; use cocktail napkins; and laugh really, really hard.

What are you celebrating this weekend? And how are you doing it?