a perfect peach

My friend, and delightful yoga teacher, Katelyn shared an
idea from her friend’s cookbook with me on Monday. Before she led a juicy yoga
class, she invited us to think of our practice as a perfect peach: one that is
shared. That made so much sense to me because all the great experiences have
been those that I’ve shared with others.

I thought of nighttime bike rides: Our lights and bells
bouncing around the city as we rolled through neighborhoods, towards porches full
of sweet friends and laughter.  We could
easily be at home watching a movie or checking our phones, but choose to enjoy
the warm evenings checking out new places. It’s the best way to learn a city,
to learn about a person, and to learn how to feel like a kid again.

I thought of a bottle of wine surrounded by several glasses,
and the long conversations that come with it. The constant filling and emptying
of the glasses mirroring the ebb and flow of each topic. I love the ritual of
pouring wine for my friends… and then opening a new bottle! I bet we could
distinguish the sound of a cork popping from anywhere in the house. That sound
is usually the signal that the book club has started, or that someone has a
heart to unload. It’s celebratory and comforting, like the first fresh peach
pie of the summer.

I thought of dance parties in dive bars. Or living rooms. Or
kitchens. It’s fun to sway to the music on your own, but so much sweeter to
break out into full-fledged dance moves with your friends. The type of dancing that
leaves you glowing on the inside, sweating on the outside, and sore the next
day. i.e. the worm. I’m lucky to have friends that make this happen every day.

Mostly though, I thought of writing. And of sharing it with
you. It’s a different process every day, and some days it scares me that there
may not be anything to write. No harvest, no words, no Clementine. But then I
think of you and all that you share with me. Being vulnerable with each other
helps us to grow- both individually and as friends. Together we make this
sweet, we make it fun and worthwhile. But most of all, we make it perfect.

This is what it looks like when a Clementine and peach dance together.