A list for a great rainy day

I love when my day off starts with a rainy morning. I'm involved with so many exciting projects: from editing my friend's first book to starting a writing group with two really inspiring women, that I feel like I get sidetracked when the sun is shining. Between bike rides, hiking with the pups, or writing (okay... day dreaming) outside- it's hard to settle in for some serious work. But today! Today the clouds are dark blue, the air is fresh, and I'm anchored to my favorite desk doing what I love. Here is a list of my rainy day essentials:

- a cup of coffee, favorite mug preferred

- an easy home yoga practice next to open windows or patio doors

- at least 2 books I've been wanting to read

todays essentials

- the latest issue of Tribeza 

- a journal nearly complete, and a fresh one waiting to be written in

- purple pens

- wearing something bright or sparkly, or a combination of both! 

- BIG plans on tap

- good friends

- a home cooked meal with my love

- chuy kisses

- enjoying the rain,  because (everybody!)... the sun will come out tomorrow!

What makes a rainy day perfect for you?