Sunrise Writing

Today I woke up before the sun to write, and almost didn’t make it. I put my alarm in my kitchen, next to my prepared-the-night-before coffee maker, but tripped over my bag trying to hit snooze. I caught myself, giggled, and then made a note so I wouldn’t repeat when I got up for real the second time.

My alarm sounds like the birds living in the Greenbelt, behind my apartment. I love it. There is only one volume: so loud, which makes it easier to wake up to if it’s in another room… next to the coffee maker. I wouldn’t be surprised if my neighbors thought I had an aviary in my apartment.

The second time around I turned off the alarm, turned on the coffee maker and then stood in my living room. My bed was calling me, even louder than my alarm, but so was my writing. I did the “do I stay awake dance” for a while. I’m sure you’ve done it: turning towards and then away from your bedroom in a slow circle, waiting for some part of you to decide whether you are actually tired or just not fully awake yet.

Grudgingly I decided that I wasn’t tired. And then I realized I didn’t want to start out my Friday grudgingly- but I definitely needed coffee. Coffee… mug, check. Facebook checked, check. E-mails, check. Then I started to write. And the words came and the block I experienced with this chapter of my thesis seemed smaller, and I was jumping over it before the sun even had a chance to open her eyes.

My reward for staying out of bed was seeing the sky change color behind the trees outside my living room. From black to a bright pink rose, to the orange I’m sure inspired the NARS eye shadow I just bought. The clouds are dusted purple and the sun looks like a scoop of sorbet. It’s the kind of sunrise that gives you faith in the day to come.

If the sun can make such a gorgeous morning, surely we can do great things just as beautifully. Right? We all have the potential to be as bright as the sun, even when our shadow sides come out to play.

What are you doing today that will make you shine? How will you celebrate your weekend? I’m turning in my chapter for notes, and spending time at the Springs.