Change your mind. Go ahead, I'll be here.

The wonderful Sam Cooke sang to me that a change was gonna come… and I find solace in that. The only thing constant is change, right?

Summer in Austin

Sometimes it’s a haircut, or a new shirt that gives you the change you wanted. Other times it’s a change in location, relationship status, or a new project. But usually what results is a new perspective. And, yeah, a new appreciation for what you have. Much to our dismay… just me? Okay maybe just to my own dismay… we can’t control every change in our lives. So great! Wait. Why?

Because! That is one less thing to worry about. Does that make you breathe a little easier? No? Okay well let me tell you what you can control: your feelings. Yes, we get to choose how we feel. Our body is hardwired to have a chemical reaction in response to a stimulus, but that only lasts 90 seconds. I’ve held handstand with the help of a wall longer than that. After the 90 seconds it’s up to us to decide how we feel.

Sometimes I want to carry the anger and fear after a driver cuts me off in the bike lane. But I’ve slowly learned that holding on to that anger just hurts the people I’m on my way to see… not to mention myself. Anger is poison to your sweet heart. Now when that happens, after I make sure I have my head and all my limbs intact, I work to forgive that person. Pedal stroke by pedal stroke. (Note: Another brilliant thing about Austin is the scenery- both natural and sartorial- so I usually get something else to enjoy and forget about the driver after about ten pedal strokes or fewer.)

So with change, and it being constant, we are given thousands of chances to choose how we feel. That’s thousands of chances to find a new perspective and a new appreciation of the life we have. If you’re looking for a great activity to get your head and heart on the same page check out Jacki Carr’s page. Then head over to Act the Way You Want To Feel for more.