As Is: The Monday Edition

If only it were still the weekend… right? What are we missing when we say that?

Good morning sweet friends. Did anyone pay attention to their if only moments this weekend?

After I wrote on Friday, I jumped on my bike and rode to work. I felt Austin’s energy as I rode- the sun gets a little bit brighter and if it were a movie we’d all have a little dazzle when we smiled at each other. Feelin’ good, I locked up my bike and thought to myself, if I had a snow cone this ride would have been perfect. Hello! Clementine, what just happened?

Those words robbed me of the joy of the last 20 minutes. The sun was shining but not blazing on my shoulders and the breeze was working with me. Traffic was flowing and it was a rare (but oh so beautiful) day when the drivers waved at me with smiles instead of glares. My body felt great: I could feel that delicious morning yoga still warming my muscles, and my bike felt like a strong extension of my legs. So good.

Throughout the weekend, I noticed that if only would pop up fairly often and usually in terms of time. I would feel better if only I had one more hour. Or, I could have done this if only traffic would have been lighter, for example. Do I try to do too much too often? Sure. But it’s a choice and I own it. Not only that, I love it. Why? Because what a highlighter is to a research article, my if only thoughts are to the present moment. They actually make me more aware of what I just did and what was wonderful about it.

So yes, there is magic in the weekend that Monday sometimes lacks. Or does it? I’m a rare bird that is excited by Mondays. Not only does the day start with my mentor and friend, but also the possibility of the upcoming week is intoxicating. If only the weekend has as much potential as the week ahead. (Just kidding).

What are you accomplishing this week? What does your life look like when you pay attention to the if only’s of your life?

You write your life!