Never miss an opportunity to say a word of congratulation upon anyone’s achievement, or express sympathy in times of sorrow or dissappointment.
— Lyndon B. Johnson

I have to stretch myself everyday to write- not just for you, but also for myself. But even then, I see patterns forming. Not a bad thing, but this guy rocked my world yesterday talking about being in awe. Those moments of awe re-wire us, even if only for a moment, and shake us out of our patterns and potentially into moments of discomfort.

I remember visiting my brother in Houston a few years ago. I walked into his restroom and his mirror had 3 post-it notes. One was the quote I shared at the beginning, which resonated deeply (still does); the second listed the 5 love languages and their descriptions; and the third held little nuggets of business advice geared more towards attracting the right type of people than making millions of dollars. I’m a firm believer that through the law of attraction, the right group of people could make millions. But that’s another page for another day.

So my brother, younger by a year and a half, is one of those people who mentally stirs me awake me each time we talk- talk about awe! Whether it’s his travels or engineer eyes, he gets the details. Even better: he shares them with everyone he talks to. It’s impossible to walk away from a conversation (or Skype date in our case) with him and feel exactly the same. He consistently and constantly awes me and gets me out of my comfort zone.

In our talks, whether he realizes it or not, he asks questions that push me to the edge of my comfort zone and sometimes beyond. That’s how I ran my first race and how I rise to try challenging postures in yoga. The key is recognizing those places of discomfort and when you push back on it. That can come in the form of defensiveness or apathy to name a couple. That’s how it shows up for me, at least.

Push through it. Ask yourself what would happen if you tried that activity or new way of doing something? Is it so bad being uncomfortable if you know that greatness follows?