Small Movements, Big Life

This morning it started out as wrapping my ponytail into a bun, fidgeting my hands during meditation and pulling on the hem of my shirt at least six times during the first round of sun salutations. I tried to focus on my breath, and that made me realize how itchy my nose was. Finally I started sweating and my movements became more intentional. My breath was also evening out. Inhale, exhale, you know how that works.

Halfway through class the movements became less about fixing my appearance, and more about adjusting my pose and posture. Deeper knees bend here, a straightening of my back there, then twist a little further. And then there was a larger movement to catch myself before I landed on my face. The brilliant thing about yoga, okay one of the brilliant things about yoga, is that it’s okay to fall. Flat. On. Your. Face. So long as you pick yourself up.

By the time inversions came around, my small movements allowed me to kick up into a solid handstand and adjust my body to be as strong as it could be. I engaged my abs (they exist!), I tried to touch the ceiling with my feet, I used my strong shoulders- each breath brought a small but valuable movement. My second attempt at meditation gave me the freedom to concentrate on the movement of my belly as I breathed in and out. I could feel my hands still at my heart center, no longer fidgeting.

For me today, the small movements of my life will lead to bigger things. Today it’s one more post written, and finishing the pages I committed to writing yesterday. It’s deep breaths and intentional movements all day. I’ll pick myself up when I fall (not writing the pages last night) and realize that fall didn’t mean anything, just keep moving forward (writing) little by little.

What will it be for you? Whether it’s one more pedal stroke, another excel sheet formula mastered, or even opening that cookbook, what small thing will move you closer to your goal?

My little writing buddy