Ideas Like Champagne Bubbles


This weekend did for my morale what the sock bun has done for my hair: an extra bit of oomph. With my man off racing in McKinney, I had a full-fledged girl's weekend ahead of me. The first night was nothing but bubbles: a bath and champagne... and chick-flicks. The second night was a celebration of birthdays, friendships, and a dress I'd owned for a year but hadn't worn. I suppose I was waiting for the right occasion, but isn't every day a special occasion? So I wore the dress. Sunday was brunch, Gatsby, some pool time and, you guessed it, more champagne. We wrapped it up today with post-work oysters and cocktails on the patio. 

Today I looked at my stacks (on stacks on stacks) of books and magazines that I had planned on reading this weekend. I felt the familiar twinge of guilt at ignoring them as I placed another Texas Monthly on top, but quickly stopped myself. There were check marks all over my to-do list, I'd worked hard, my apartment was clean, and I'd reconnected with friends I hadn't seen in months. Guilt? Not this weekend. 

I'll finish another chapter of my thesis in two days; a chapter that I've had a mental block with for a few weeks. I'm not sure if it was the sing-a-longs or the roaring twenties, but ideas have been popping up all over the place. I'm not the only one refreshed after this weekend. My ideas have a glow and an impatience to get moving. They're rising to the top and I'm going with them!

How did you celebrate this weekend? Did you overcome any blocks that were standing in your way?