What's with today, today?

Sittin’ pretty in my inbox today was an e-mail from the graduate college kindly letting me know that I didn’t meet all of the requirements for graduation, therefore I was disapproved. Seeing as my desk is holding stacks of interview transcripts, research articles, and books about the rhetorics of emotion, I’m well aware that I didn’t meet those requirements. If those requirements were met, I would probably have a giant margarita instead of this lime green highlighter in my hand. Sounds better, right?

Instead of fretting over the missed deadlines and playing the “if-only” game, (the house always wins in case you’re wondering), I chose to focus on what I didn’t miss. I went on bike rides with the love of my life. I spent time playing with my dogs. I earned a promotion at work. Thanks to those bike rides and puppy cuddles, and sweetened with the hard work and extra revisions, I’ll have a thesis to be proud of… and worth publishing! In an academic journal, you'll be spared here. 

So less fretting about what happened yesterday, 2 years ago, or this morning. More laughing with your friends over coffee or with yourself over that cat meme. There’s a Cherokee proverb that says, “don’t let yesterday take up too much of today.” Right? Because you’re busy enough with all of the big things you’re building in your life. Oh and looking at Grumpy Cat.

Thankfully this site exists!