BIbbidi bobbidi... Go!

There are no magic words to do the work for us when we don’t want to. It may look like it in the form of inspirational sayings combined with a hip filter. Throw Bokeh over Walden and you've got my attention! But they won't actually do the work for you. They may inspire you to take action, or they may not. It all comes down to you and that mind of yours. Scary? Yes. Liberating? Absolutely!

Every Thursday I watch John race other semi-pro cyclists around a track, also known as the Driveway Series. His group is fast and I can barely get out an excited “GO!” before they’re rounding the next corner. It’s gotten much better since my sweet friend moved to Austin. Her husband races with John and needless to say my cheering has turned into something more appropriate for a cross race than one where everyone is in spandex. Steph and I can be heard yelling, “Go faster!” “Get up there!” and my favorite, “PEDAAAAL!!!!” It’s worth the odd looks to see our men move up in the pack and finish strong.

What I admire about cyclists, or all athletes really, is that they are doing all the work themselves. They exert the physical effort to propel themselves forward, and then use their brains to keep them moving forward. You have to have mental strength to get through the race. Steph shared with me that she told her man to count “one Mississippi, two Mississippi,” and if at the end he still felt he couldn’t go harder then he could slow down, let’s be real, he usually doesn’t slow down. Ever. Magic words.

Mine are “what would happen if…” I write one more page. If I hold handstand for 20 more seconds. If I keep pushing myself to my limits. I’ve started applying it to all aspects of my life, and what’s happened is I’m stronger. Physically yes, because I’m challenging myself. But also my worth ethic is elevated, (ain’t no mountain high enough!), my ideas are expanding my comfort zone, and I’m going after bigger challenges (bigger rewards, right?) I’m creating this BIG life and surrounding myself with people who are doing it big too. Thinking about it makes me giddy.

99U posted a fantastic article about giving up in order to motivate yourself when you’re just… not. Intrigued? I was. Check it out and who knows, it may have the magic words you were looking for. But always, always, always remember that YOU have all the magic you need. Don’t be afraid to dig deep and work hard.