Caution! Clementine's at Work

Some days I need a yoga studio. Other days I need only sit at my desk.

The beauty of writing is that it can happen anywhere. I always carry my Tiffany-blue moleskin journal with me, and it carries my accomplishments, my fears, pretty flowers I found on the side of the road, love notes and little jokes. I jot down quotes from my yoga teacher after class, and write down those beautiful little ah-ha! moments that happen when I’m desperately trying not to fall on my face during an arm balancing sequence. It’s an evolving idea board, where I get as much inspiration from something I cut out of Vogue as I do from a story I overheard at the grocery store.  

In the way it usually does, today moved faster than expected and all of a sudden I had missed yoga. I came home frustrated that my to-do list was not any shorter, even though I had just crossed off 4 things AND made a quick (I swear!) stop at Paper Source.  I walked the dogs and then headed straight to my desk with the intention to write and plan for this weekend.

This desk has been in my life for 16 years and is probably my favorite piece of furniture because it’s my catchall. It holds my stationary, my photographs, my half-marathon medals and my work. Not to mention notes, pictures and quotes that will eventually end up in the blue journal. At this desk, I can spread out my thesis work on one side, and have a book and my journal open on the other side, just in case. The butter yellow wood keeps me relaxed, and the chair reminds me to sit up straight- I am a lady after all!

I pulled out my chair, picked up a chihuahua and sat. That’s it. I sat. I listened to my thoughts and watched them weave stories and then disappear. There wasn’t judgment or a to-do list; there was only this desk. While I wasn’t able to make it to the studio today, at least I have this place here to serve as my anchor. It wasn’t an hour long, and I definitely wasn’t sweaty, but my sitting served me just as well as yoga would have. I was able to start my work after I let my mind stretch itself for a bit.

This is my favorite place to work out ideas, potential story lines, research, and write my mama. This is where the work happens. I’m excited to talk about different writing routines another day, but for now I’d love to hear where your work happens.