Start from the heart.

“If only people could travel as easily as words. Wouldn’t that be something? If only we could be so easily revised?”  ~Zelda

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald – Therese Anne Fowler

Being a writer and a graduate student, I’m extremely familiar with the revision process, both the frustrations and the satisfying feeling of turning in another draft- this one better than the last yet not quite there. Most of my writing and revising lately has been academic as I work towards finishing my thesis this summer. Still, I repeatedly look back to an illustration shared with me by a teacher who cared more about content than commas, but regarded each of them highly. Eight years later, I ask myself if each piece I write is aligned with that drawing? Can you hear me in it? G. Lynn Nelson drew this gem showing us how to share from our hearts. In all that we do, it starts with the heart. 


I’ve been in the process of revising something greater than my writing: myself.  And oh boy it’s messy, hilarious, humbling, and full of more laugh-cries than one should be comfortable with. I have incredible people in my life, teachers, who show me that revisions are choices…suggestions- I don’t need to agree or accept them, but they are mine should I want them. And I do! I want them!

To my teacher that says “wave your flag high, show everyone where you stand,” to my driveway diva, my glitter bros, and my Chihuahua farmer, I say thank you for your help in the revision(ing) process. To Sweet Zelda, I say it is that easily revised if you start with the heart. To you, I ask what are you revising?