Mindful Merrymaking

During a meeting yesterday I glanced over at my friend's planner and noticed it was packed with activities... and then I looked at mine. Samesies.

I'm no stranger to full planners. True story I used to cut out my syllabus for each grad course and paste it in the respective day(s). There may have been color-coding too. But I'm a different person now (i.e. finished with grad school thankyouverymuch). Okay maybe not that different, because today I found myself in 2014! I put my pen(s) down, took a sip of tea and came back to December.

Last December felt more hectic than holiday and I am determined not to repeat it. I'll be mindful of the plans I make and the people I celebrate with, because at the root of it all, this season is built on love. So why rush? It's Happy Holidays right? This year I'm all about quality time I can spend with loved-ones, instead of trying to cram several parties into one night. I'll save the cramming for cookies and my mouth. Namaste.

Did anyone RSVP?

So far I have one cookie exchange, one Elf Quote-a-long, The Nutcracker ballet, and a Christmas tree lighting written in red and green ink in my planner. But what I can't write in are the belly-laughs, the clinking of glasses, or the warm hugs that come with making the time to be present wherever you are.

Be mindful, be merry, and don't skimp on the bear hugs.