Cold hands, open heart

I'm on my 2nd cup of coffee and warming up round three. I like putting my hands around my oversize Grinch mug and feeling the heat radiate through, especially on blustery days like today. It may be the season and it may be the people in my life, but I can feel my heart growing three sizes this day.

But what good is a big heart if it isn't open? I made a new friend the other night when I was riding home from work. We started chatting easily since the roads were empty and our paces matched. We were both in the midst of starting new (and big) projects: her- a bike sharing program, myself- a freelance writing career. At the stop sign I turned right and she went straight. We shouted words of encouragement and rang our bike bells instead of saying our good-byes. 

I'm happy I was on my bike that night, because that conversation would have been tough, and a little weird, if I would have been in my car. Being on my bike allowed me to be open to the world, and my willingness to open my heart allowed me to make that new friend.

What experiences could you have if you opened yourself up? Who would you attract into your life if you let your heart open up a little?