Fearless Friday: Become a #labrat... er morning person

Inspired by 99U's latest #labrat, and my own desire to get more done (and see more sunrises- let's be real), I'm going to try this experiment myself. I'm posting it for all the world to see (or for those of you who read this) to hold me accountable.

I recognize that tomorrow will be tough, seeing as I have plans to celebrate Shivery Shakes' flexi record release tonight. But what's an experiment without a few challenges... right out of the gate. I already think it's worth it because on my little morning walk with the chuys, I saw lots of Christmas lights, so there's an added bonus for starting this before Christmas.

Let me know if you want to join! There's solidarity in not snoozing. Plus, think of all the incredible sunrises we'll see!